Tweet Away!

So I guess my job now is to introduce myself because this is my first post.

My name is Amber and I’m a second year Advertising Integrated Marketing Communications Student. I have a long road of learning ahead of me and I look forward to every minute of it! I’m not entirely a blogging newbie. Last year I had to make 10 blogs for an assignment. Here’s a link to my old blog.

I wanted to give my blog a facelift because there is a lot of potential in blogging and social media in general. I was thinking the other day about the millions of connections that you can make on Twitter alone! My classmate, Jessica Avery, is trying to get in contact with Kelly Cutrone. Isn’t that amazing? She’s been tweeting Kelly’s interns and even getting replies.


I would like to do an informational interview with an account executive at an ad agency…. I’m hoping that social media will give me a boost.

There are so many possibilities.


One thought on “Tweet Away!

  1. Hey mentor buddy! Good to hear I’ve got you blogging again. I watch too much MTV and know who Kelly Cutrone is from The Hills/The City. Is your friend thinking of going into the fashion industry or is it just for fun?

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