Are We Losing Our Creativity?

Are we getting educated out of creativity?

Advertising is all about creativity and my profs really try to nurture whatever little creativity we have left. Brian, my media sales prof, pointed out that somewhere along the way children lose their creativity. He said children are unashamed and just do the first thing that pops into their heads. We definitely lose this as we get older. I watched a TEDTalk about the post secondary school system making students afraid to be wrong.

Just this week I was doing some group work and an idea was presented. It was a little eccentric but it had potential. The group shot it down to go with a safer option… but why? No risk equals no reward right? They went with what we thought was the safest, not the best and it’s because they were scared of being wrong. They’ll probably get an A but at what cost? What happened to a little creative integrity? Why is it such a risk to be creative? New innovations all start from creativity and don’t innovations move our world forward?

My point is that creativity should be embraced with open arms. Next time someone has an idea that’s a little out there…hear them out.


A Quest… for Information


Expanding your network can be scary.

So earlier this semester my Career Readiness prof. assigned us the difficult but necessary task of expanding our networks and reaching out to experts in the advertising/marketing field.

I really had no idea where to begin but regardless I pulled up my socks and began to ask around. I asked a lot of 3rd year students where they did their placement and got a few connections that way… oh so many nights of creeping Linkedin profiles.

Regardless, I got a contact name so I got ready to pounce and attacked this man from all angles. In other words I added him on Linkedin, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and to my email contacts. I even commented on his blog. There was no way this man could ignore me. I was right, he didn’t but he also wanted very little to do with a lowly 2nd year advertising student.

So I was back to square one, which is really okay. I believe everything happens for a reason. I just have to be persistent and keep smiling. I began to tweet the account executives at various ad agencies (If you never ask you’ll never know right?). While I was waiting to hear back from someone, I had applied to a content manger position at a Toronto boutique agency. Long story short I didn’t get the job but I stayed in contact with the manager. He was very friendly and easy to talk to so I finally worked up the courage to ask him if he’d meet with me and talk to me about his job. He very readily agreed. Needless to say I was thrilled.

That very day, a month after my last “reah out” tweet, I got a Facebook message from one of the aacount executives telling me that she’d be happy to talk to me! She even offered to get me some contact info from some of her co-workers.

There are some wonderful people out there… and all I have to do is ask. Who knows where these contacts will lead me?

After all, everyone knows someone.


Baha, very well written and relatable! Thanks for the read

christine things

Squirrel and I made the switch from PC to Mac ten years ago. Around about the time I opened an e-mail promising nude photos of a male colleague.

“Kavis Warlaga – Nude!” was the last thing I read before crashing our computer for, in Squirrel’s words, “the last f-ing time!”

Our marriage survived, but Bill Gates was banished from our home forever.

Or, so I thought.

My new job requires that I logon remotely to the office PC. “No, problem,” I said, then devoted an entire weekend to trying to reconcile that square peg with the round hole of my MacBook Pro.

A job that took the office tech 48 seconds on the following Monday.

“The business world still runs on PC’s,” he said as the blue screen flooded the monitor accompanied by this bone chilling sound:

As much as I wanted to take issue with his comment, he’d confided…

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I Can Feel it Coming in the Air Tonight.

I can feel an air of change coming to the advertising industry. I came upon this article about Wal-Mart’s growth. 100% of their growth came from multicultural customers…which makes sense because America is a fairly new country with a very diverse population.

The article then went on to explain that a large chunk of their advertising budget is going to be reallocated to targeting multicultural consumers. Canada has such a high multicultural population that they should do the same. I think Canada already does to some extent but it should be a priority. We should cater to our audience and our consumers.

Some companies have done very well in this area. Did you ever wonder why there is such a variety of wraps and new flavours at McDonalds? America’s becoming maxed out and they are trying to expand their markets with multicultural customers and multicultural ads.

Bring on the tossed salad; we need fresh.