I Can Feel it Coming in the Air Tonight.

I can feel an air of change coming to the advertising industry. I came upon this article about Wal-Mart’s growth. 100% of their growth came from multicultural customers…which makes sense because America is a fairly new country with a very diverse population.

The article then went on to explain that a large chunk of their advertising budget is going to be reallocated to targeting multicultural consumers. Canada has such a high multicultural population that they should do the same. I think Canada already does to some extent but it should be a priority. We should cater to our audience and our consumers.

Some companies have done very well in this area. Did you ever wonder why there is such a variety of wraps and new flavours at McDonalds? America’s becoming maxed out and they are trying to expand their markets with multicultural customers and multicultural ads.

Bring on the tossed salad; we need fresh.



3 thoughts on “I Can Feel it Coming in the Air Tonight.

  1. Great point, it is a topic occasionally discussed with in the industry as well.

    There are a few barriers, the first being that marketing departments, suppliers and agencies aren’t ethnically diverse so often struggle to come to terms with consumer diversity in real terms.

    Another reason (or excuse) is that previous attempts to connect cross-culturally have failed because they can be too cheesy. It’s often an uncomfortable stereo type applied as a filter to an existing strategy.

    Finally there’s a layer of complexity we’re not used to. By that I mean unlike our fairly narrow and harmogenised world, other ethinicities have a wide and diverse number of religious and cultural groups within them, again making it harder for large advertisers.

    I do however, believe this provides some great opportunities for small businesses and challenger brands to aquire customers overlooked. I think we’ll even see a burst of specialists to provide services in this area in much the same way as the boom of the ‘social media guru’ exploded six or seven years ago.

    • Very nicely put, I agree 100%. I know Melbourne is also fairly multicultural and diverse. Do you feel that a lot of your advertisers have made an effort to reach other cultures in Australia?
      A appreciate your insight.

  2. As far as mainstream media trageting is concerned it’s largely limited to other European cultures, Greek, Italian. There are some targeted messages in independant/community print media (things like ethinic newspapers)emerging, mostly from finance/banking. It still lags behind marketing to the GLBT segment.

    One thing I have noticed in the last year is more variety of cultures cast in advertising. Not as a target market though, as service providers and employees. I suspect this may be to try and increase the Australian audiences level of familiarity as the diversity increases particularly in outer suburbs and regional areas of Australia which are very homogenised and scared by the thought of anything different (you may have come across this if you travelled regionally or to anywhere in Queensland).

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