Advertising is Art

One of my profs made the statement “Advertising is an art, not a science.” This really stood out to me and it reminded me of a documentary that a friend (and Netflix) recommended to me, Art and Copy. It was all about the advertising business and what goes into making ads. There were some great points made in the movie but it really demonstrated that advertising is the new form of modern art. It put everything in a new light.  “There will always be somebody with a message” and advertising just tries to convey that message… no different than the cavemen drawing their stories on the wall.

In the film someone said that the more honest and creative an ad is, the better it will be perceived. They then went on to say that people have a right to be mad at advertisers because of the amount of trash that gets aired. What they meant by trash was anything that was not illuminating, inspiring, or truthful but the cardinal sin was talking to the consumers like they’re stupid.

“People don’t mind being sold to if they understand why it’s happening and they enjoy the process.” – Jeff Goodby

There are some amazing truths in this documentary. I feel like the industry tries too hard to sell but if it just took a step back and focused on the message and how the message is conveyed, the selling would take care of itself.



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