Friends for Sale!

I apologize for my absence. Over the Christmas break I heard that you can actually buy followers for your Twitter account. I couldn’t believe it but after typing it into Google there were hundreds of hits and several sites selling followers, friends, and likes. This really defeats the purpose of social media. Chris Farias from Kitestring marketing commented: “You get the same results buying Twitter followers as you do stuffing your bra. A line of superficial egg heads.”

Clearly people still put a lot of stock into the numbers or followers when there should be other considerations like loyalty and engagement. The scariest part of buying followers is being discovered… it would totally ruin your credibility. It may seem tempting to buy yourself some followers but the consequences are just not worth it.



One thought on “Friends for Sale!

  1. I agree! People forgot that it’s the engagement that what maters and day by day you can engage with one person at a time building trust and rapport. Sad so many are wasting money for the get rich quick which in reality never gets you rich just scammed.

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