Brands Beware – We can see through you.

Last week I watched a movie called “Syrup.” It was a fascinating fictional story about the edgy world of advertising. The movie touched on many parts of advertising; such as branding, budgets, big ideas, and prestige but the main message of the movie is that people could care less about a product’s quality.


Wait, what? That’s taking things a little far don’t you think? No wonder people think marketers are scum! Maybe things used to be that way but things have changed. Social media demands transparency… the customers hold a lot of power and force companies and brands to face them. If your product is bad you can only go so far. It reminds me of when McDonald’s had a campaign to answer all their customers questions which was risky but smart.

Shoddy products can’t exist anymore because people talk and on the internet comments last forever.


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