Desperate Social – Abercrombie Style

I’m sure you heard over the summer how “Abercrombie hates fat people.” Personally, I found  their attitude repulsive and it put me in a rage. I have totally boycotted their brand. They got huge backlash from the public and I helped support an anti-Abercrombie campaign called #Fitch the Homeless

Upon further research, I know that their market share and sales have plunged since their CEO made those outlandish comments. Now I can’t help but think their new attempts to win back their customers as…. desperate. Last week they posted a video in response to the new pop song What did the Fox Say. They were trying to get on the viral train but failed miserably. People don’t care for copy cats, especially when they have already been alienated. Over 1,000 people like it but more than 4,000 people dislike it.

Viral can be successful but it has to be done right.