Slaying the Stellar Blogs


So one of my assignments is to review some of the top 3 bloggers… prepare to be slain!

“Most of the things we avoid are avoided because we’re afraid of being afraid. Too meta? Sorry, but it’s true.” Isn’t that a killer intro? This is my favourite post. I love Seth Godin. I appreciate how short it is and how well written it work is. I’m not one for huge essay blogs… it’s too hard to take in. The content is so clean, it avoids big words and it was the most shared out of the top bloggers I was looking at. I appreciate his voice.

Mitch Joel 6 Links worth your time. This one wasn’t so much of a blog as it was a forum. Mitch found 6 interesting links ( I gather 6 is his magic number) and posted them. He simply asked people to comment with a link they found interesting. People love feeling like they’re a part of something. The response was huge. Sometimes content just has to be sharable.

Bernedette Jiwa is the master of story telling, it’s her niche. Her blog (though a little long for my liking) is still engaging. She has a unique voice that carries you to the end. She ends it with a question, a good way to engage with your readers. She had 5 comments, I think it would be even more impactful if she responded to some of them.

All in all… I didn’t have to do much slaying. There is a reason why their blogs are so popular; they are great examples of how to write a compelling blog.

One more example of a well written blog that is lengthy but still keeps my attention is one by Shaun Withers 

I’m going to take my advice and leave you with a question. Who is your favourite blogger?