Blogging? Yes? No? or Maybe?


So I read this article about whether blogging is necessary or not.

I personally think that it couldn’t hurt (though I’m a little biased… I’m writing this on my blog). In this week’s SEO class we discussed adding outbound links to increase your SEO and makes you look more credible while creating content for your website. The article also mentions that blogging is another way to converse with your customers or readers. Customer feedback is important and it makes your brand more transparent. Blogs are easy to share and can be linked up to various social media sites.

Some of the reasons why it might not be so import is because other social mediums that are more appropriate to your brand might take precedence. It’s also possible that you could be a too popular and it would be very time consuming but that’s not very likely.

So my advice is, blog on. I mean what do you have to lose?


Google Leaves Me No Choice

I always thought Google would take over,

now I’m convinced it will. The other day I went to sign on to my Youtube account and I got bullied in a Google+ account. What? How can they do that? For a long time I had brushed Google+ off but they have so much clout on the internet that they have the power to make their social media the next big thing. Now I doubt they can make people use it but they can make people (like me) join. 

In the future G+ might be a very handy application because let’s face it, I’m on (we’re all on) Google a lot. This will help link all the different platforms we use but I was just taken by surprise at how I had to submit to Google. There are so many articles on people being forced to join Google+.



I’m not sure it will be a bad thing.


I Can Do Anything Better Than You

Good ideas, made better.


I’m enrolled in a web marketing class and my prof. directed us to a video to introduce us to digital and there were a few interesting things I picked up; the first is the story of Google’s origins. You would think that Google was the original search engine but that’s not true. Google came after but they took the existing engine’s base idea and made it better. They were the first one with short text ads with the best accuracy. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to be the first but you just have to do it better and with new innovations. Look where Google is now; they own Youtube and last month there were 19.6 billion ad views.

Your idea may be good but could it be better?