Why my Time is too Valuable for a 100%

One of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned, is that life is a balance.

My time is very valuable to me and I try my best to make sure that I spread out my time evenly over all my passions; school, being active, extra curriculars, family, friends, hobbies, and a part time job are all important to me for my health and overall well being.

Recently, one of my professors pointed out that my school mandates that if a students does all that is required of them they will receive an 80%. So in order to get 100% I must put in a considerable greater effort. If I have an assignment that takes me two hours to fill all the requirements and I would get an 80% but would have to put in another 2 hours to get a 100%… the ROI is not worth it. Mathematically this ratio doesn’t make sense and isn’t an efficient use of my (or anyone’s) time.

This is a very demotivating tool. I’m all for going above and beyond but 100% is not worth my time.