Are Mac’s Invincible?

A lot of students in my class have Mac computers and Apple as a brand is a very hot topic, mainly because it’s so great at advertising and marketing it’s products. Recently, a friend of mine made a comment how she didn’t think I should download things from the internet on my PC because it could get a virus and she was convinced that Mac’s don’t get viruses. So I did a little research to see if this was true… and as it turns out, it’s not entirely true.

If you look at Apple’s ad campaign about being “virus-free,” they never actually claimed that Mac’s don’t get viruses. They said you don’t need to worry about viruses with Mac’s and you don’t… for the most part. There are a lot less Mac viruses than there are Windows viruses. I think Mac’s are very safe to use ( I also own a Mac) but it just illustrates the power of an ad.


Recently one of my profs asked my class if we had ever heard that you shouldn’t watch T.V. with the lights off. I mean, who hasn’t heard that before right? Well, he blew my mind by telling us that it was a myth created by a lamp company in the 1950’s to get people to buy more lamps. Isn’t that insane? I’m the 3rd generation to believe that!

So don’t let anyone tell you that advertising doesn’t work! Ads are very powerful things.