BlackBerry Users… Abandon Ship

I remember when I was in high school (which wasn’t that long ago) and I swear ALL my friends had BlackBerries, except me. They were all hardcore BlackBerry fans and talked about their phones a lot and I mean a lot! I’ve noticed that half of them have switched over to the dreaded iphone. It just makes me wonder… where did all the BlackBerry love go?

I stumbled upon and article talking about how BlackBerry users just aren’t happy with their phones anymore. I couldn’t believe this because I finally became a BlackBerry user myself and I love it. Let me tell you, I’ve gone through a lot of cell phones but my little Curve is by far the hardiest. It kills me to think of myself in line for the new flashy iphone 6… *groan*

There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether RIM will survive the next season with their plummeting sales. The media is having a frenzy about this once very powerful company, which is why I’ve jumped on the band wagon and I’m writing about it. I really think everything with RIM has been greatly exaggerated. One of my prof’s pointed out that Apple was in the very same place as BlackBerry, just ten years earlier. So do not fret BlackBerry; there is hope. All they need is a little T.L.C with a dash of innovation and a fresh marketing plan.

I’m rooting for the little guy. Come on, everyone loves a good comeback.